Marble and Stone World

Marble shot blasting is a process used for cleaning, roughening, or creating patterns on marble surfaces. This process typically employs "shot blasting machines" or "blasting equipment." Here are commonly used machines and equipment for marble shot blasting:

  1. Blasting Cabinet: This is a closed chamber or room where the marble is placed during the process. Inside the cabinet, there is a sandblasting system operated with compressed air. Marble pieces are cleaned or roughened within the cabinet during the sandblasting process.

  2. Portable Shot Blasting Machines: These machines are used to project sand or another abrasive material onto the marble surface. They operate using compressed air, and the desired effect is achieved as the abrasive material comes into contact with the surface.

  3. Blasting Media: Different sizes and types of sand or abrasive materials are used for marble shot blasting. These sand or abrasive media interact with the surface during the process to achieve the desired outcome.

  4. Dust Collection Systems: To capture the dust generated during the shot blasting process and protect the environment, dust collection systems are used. These systems vacuum up the dust produced during the process and release clean air outside.

  5. Protective Gear: Proper protective gear should be used to safeguard the eyes, ears, and skin of workers during the shot blasting process. This equipment is crucial for ensuring worker safety.

The marble shot blasting process can help marble acquire different aesthetic and functional properties. However, this process should be performed professionally and with appropriate safety measures, as shot blasting can potentially be hazardous and pose risks to the health of workers.