Foundry Industry

In the foundry industry, various types of shot blasting machines are used for different applications. Shot blasting machines are essential equipment for cleaning, smoothing, and preparing the surfaces of castings, ultimately improving their quality, durability, and appearance. Here are common types of shot blasting machines used in the foundry sector:

  1. Blast Cabinets: Blast cabinets are used to clean and smooth the surfaces of castings. They typically use compressed air or high-velocity jets to propel abrasive materials like sand against the surface of the parts inside an enclosed cabinet.

  2. Hanger Type Blasting Machines: Blast tanks are employed for shot blasting large castings. They usually operate by immersion, where the parts are submerged in a tank, and abrasive material is propelled onto the surface using a combination of air and abrasive particles.

  3. Shot Blasting Machines: Shot blasting machines are specialized machines that can work automatically or semi-automatically. They are used to clean and prepare the surfaces of castings efficiently. These machines can handle parts of different sizes and shapes.

  4. Drum-Type Shot Blasting Machines: Drum-type shot blasting machines rotate castings within a drum, subjecting their surfaces to the abrasive material. These machines are suitable for small to medium-sized parts.

  5. Surface Treatment Conveyors: These automated systems transport castings on conveyor belts while simultaneously shot blasting their surfaces. They are commonly used in high-volume foundry production.

  6. Manual Shot Blasting Equipment: In smaller foundry operations or for specialized applications, operators may use portable shot blasting equipment such as handheld blasting guns or sandblasting machines.

The choice of shot blasting machine depends on factors such as the size, shape, material of the castings, and specific process requirements. The desired surface finish at the end of the casting process also plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate shot blasting equipment. Therefore, foundry businesses should carefully evaluate their needs to choose the most suitable shot blasting equipment for their operations.