Tube Blasting Machine

Tube Blasting Machine is an automatic shot blasting machine used to blast the outer surfaces of gas cylinders(tubes) and cylindrical bodies (pipes and rods). Sandblasting speed can be adjusted.

Tube Blasting Machine is specially produced for cleaning rusted surfaces, increasing the surface roughness of welded tubes and removing weld marks. Removal of oxide, calamine and paint(in case of recondtioning of tubes) is carried out by steel shots or steel grit thrown to the surface by the turbine blades. The workpieces rotate and move forward simultaneously in a helical continuous movement, exposing their entire surface to the abrasive material thrown onto the surface by the turbines. Depending on the customer's production requirements, a variable number and feature of turbines are used. All wearing parts of the machine are made of special wear-resistant material.

Çetingil Tube Blasting Machine

Tube Shot Blasting Machine Working Test