Vacuum Sandblasting Cabinet

Vacuum Sandblasting Cabinet is a closed cabin that performs sandblasting by transporting the abrasive material (sand) by vacuuming-suction and mixing it with compressed air and spraying it on the surface.

Sandblasting cabinet works with using a vacuuming system with low air supply by 300 lt piston compressor

It is used for cleaning the surface of sensitive metals such as aluminum and brass. It can sandblast with glass beads, aluminum oxide, silica, and plastic granules.

Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine consist of cabin, sand boiler, sandblasting set, filter, and panel.

 Ideal for precision metals and die blasting.

 A cartridge filter is used to remove dust generated during sandblasting.

 Medical, Mold, and Dental Sectors are in demand.







(H x W x L) mm




CKM -500

15 LT 50 Kg 700 x 800 x 1000

4 - 6 

8 mm

CKM -500 Twin Cabinet

30 LT

100 Kg

700 x 800 x 2000

4 - 6

8 mm

CKM -1000

40 LT

150 Kg

1000 x 1000 x 1500

4 - 6

8 mm

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We can add optional;

Rotary table,


Wheely stand,

Sandblasting Cabinet

Auto Drum Sandblasting Cabinet

Sandblasting Cabinet Setup

Sandblasting Cabinet with Drum

Automatic Implant Sandblasting Machine

Automatic Implant Sandblasting Machine

Drum Sandblasting Cabinet

Drum Sandblasting Cabinet in Operation

Automatic Drum Sandblasting Cabinet Operation 2

Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Operation 2