Pressure Shot Blasting Cabinet

Pressurized Shot Blasting Machine is capable of cleaning the steel, cast iron, stainless steel, denim, wood, and many materials in a short time and working with at least 22 kW screw compressor.


Pressure Shot Blasting Cabinet consists of a cabinet, cyclone, sand boiler, sandblasting set, bunker, filter, wheel stand (rotary table is optional), panel and platform.

They are machines which provide much faster surface cleaning compared to other sandblasting cabinets since they work with the pressure system.

Pressure Shot Blasting Cabinet reuse the sand, it can work for a long time without the need for sand reinforcement according to the material used.

The machine is equipped with a cartridge filter, which is capable of self-cleaning (Jet-Pulse).

Pressure Blasting Cabinet filter outlet must be placed in accordance with chimney regulations.

There is LED lighting in the cabin.

Inside the cabin, there are perforated sheet metal, sandblasting nozzle and air gun on the floor.

There is a wheeled transport stand with a turntable (optional) on the bunker next to the cabin. It is for easy sanding of heavy materials.

The inside of the sandblasting machine is covered with wear-resistant rubber and its surface is painted with static oven or wet paint.

There is a sensor on the cabinet door that cuts off the sandblasting when the door is open.

The materials in the panel on the machine are SIEMENS \SCHNIEDER brand.

There are two wide arm entrances and a sight glass on the cabin.

The sandblasting pot located between the feet is CE certified and has been subjected to 18 bar pressurized water test.

There is a CE certified safety valve made of brass, which evacuates the excess compressed air against the risk of explosion, on the sand boiler.

Any defects caused by manufacturing or workmanship defects during the warranty period shall be borne by the manufacturer.



(L x W x H) mm



30 LT

90 Kg

1000 x 800 x 700


6-8 mm

CBBK 2000

30 LT

90 Kg

1500 x 1000 x 1000


6-8 mm

CBBK 2500

30 LT

90 Kg

2200 x 1100 x 1100


6-8 mm

CBBK 3000

50 LT

150 Kg

3000 x 1500 x 1500


6-8 mm

CBBK 5000

300 LT

900 Kg

2500 x 2500 x 2500


6-8 mm

* The data in the table are approximate values ​​and can be varied by sand type

Pressurize Blasting Cabinet

CBBK-2000A Pressure Shot Blasting Cabinet With Crane System