Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Round and pipe type materials are produced for the purpose of sand blasting.

It can be produced from Ø48 mm up to 3050 mm.

The setting speed can be adjusted for each machine up to the desired meter.

Pipe Shot Blasting Machine, which is needed in the pipe sector, can be blasting the outside of pipes of all sizes.

A different system has been developed for in-pipe sandblasting and you can get information from our company.



(min - max) mm


(Quantity x Diameter)

CBK - 1 Ø 48 – 219 2 x Ø 300
CBK - 2 Ø 219 – 500  2 x Ø 300
CBK - 3 Ø 500 – 1000  2 x Ø 500
CBK - 4 Ø 1000 – 2000  2 x Ø 500

Pipe Blasting Machine

Pipe Blasting Machine CBK-2

Galvanised Pipe Blasting

Pipe Shot Blasting Machine Control Panel

Galvanized Pipe Shot Blasting Machine 2