Mini Sandblasting Cabinet

Mini sandblasting cabinet used for sandblasting medical devices and very small metals. It performs sandblasting by transporting the abrasive material (sand) by vacuuming-suction and mixing it with compressed air and spraying it onto the surface.

Mini Sandblasting Cabinet is a sandblasting cabinet that works with a vacuum-suction system. Mini Sandblasting Cabin, which we can call the smallest of our Vacuum Sandblasting Cabinets, has cabin dimensions of L: 50 x W: 50 x H: 50 cm.

It works with pressure between 4-6 bars.

It has an 8 mm nozzle.

It allows manual sandblasting.

Glass beads, aluminum oxide, silica and plastic granules can be used.

Since it circulates abrasive materials, it can operate for a long time without the need for abrasive material reinforcement, depending on the material used.

Mini sandblasting Cabinet