Roller Conveyor Shotblasting Machine

Metal sheet and Profile Shot Blasting Machine which is one of the Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machinery; It is used in sheet, NPI, NPU, Profile blasting processes.

Iron, Steel, Stainless and Casting sectors are in demand.

Roller Conveyor Shotblasting Machine

Sheet, Profile and Finished Product Sandblasting Machine: It consists of Cabin, Turbine System, Conveyor System, Recycling System, Filtration System, Control Panel and Platform.

Tunnel Type Sandblasting Machines consist of Metal Shet Shot Blasting Machines, Profile Shot Blasting Machines.
Material is sent to the cabin on specially manufactured conveyor belts or conveyors. Sandblasting up to 3,000 revolutions per minute is carried out by means of turbines. The surface cleaned material is ready for the next process (painting, coating, etc.) at the cabin exit.

It is used in sheet, NPI, NPU, Profile blasting processes.

Ideal for rusting, roughening and cleaning before painting.

The cabin is made of ST-37 sheet metal and blasting zone is supported by manganese sheets. Hardox sheets has been added to the parts of the leggings that are close to the blasting zone.

The armor cladding is screw-in design for future wear-based replacements.

The side armor, top armor, front and rear armors, pallets, distributor, direction sleeve, granule flow elbow of the turbines on the machine are made of Nihart 4 casting.

SK - 1 1.000 x 500 4 x Ø 300
SK - 2 1.500 x 500 6 x Ø 300
SK - 3 1.500 x 1000 6 x Ø 400
SK - 4 2.000 x 500 8 x Ø 400
SK - 5  2.000 x 1000 8 x Ø 400
SK - 6 2.000 x 1.500 10 x Ø 400
SK - 7 2.500 x 1.000 12 x Ø 400
SK - 8 3.000 x 1000 16 x Ø 400
SK - 9 3.000 x 1.500 16 x Ø 400
SK - 10 4.000 x 2000 22 x Ø 400



SK-7/A Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine(L*W*H:17000*2700*1000)

Sheet Metal & Profile Blasting Machine SK-9

Sheet Metal And Profile Blasting Machine