Marble Sandblasting Machine

Marble Sandblasting Machine or Natural Stone Sandblasting Machine called sandblasting machine can sand all kinds of natural stone.

Production is made depending on the width of the stone.

While the turbines blasting that are 3000 rpm, dust is absorbed by the radial fan or cartridge filter that has self-cleaning (Jet-Pulse)

Marble Sandblasting Machine consists of the main body, conveyor belt, elevator, separator, cyclone, and filter units.

Machine operation: Cutted and dry natural stone/marble pieces are placed on the conveyor belt, and belt movement adjustment is made. The walking speed of the belt is adjusted (0,5-2m / min). Sandblasting is performed with granules sent from the turbine at a speed of 3000 rpm. The granules poured onto the machine base are conveyed to the elevator by means of a helical extractor. It is sent to the separator with the bucket belt system. Dust separation is made in the separator. The granules send to the turbine and the dust send to the filter too


The cabin is made of ST-37 sheet metal and the sections directly seen by the turbines in the blasting zone and the parts of the dust cover cabins close to the blasting zone are supported by wear-resistant Brinell or Manganese armor, while the other areas are supported by Hardox armor. (Coating with full manganese armor is optional)

The armor cladding is screw-in design for future wear-based replacements. It can be easily changed by authorized personnel in your company.

The inside of the gaiters cabins are covered with 5mm rubber sheet to prevent them from being exposed to abrasion due to the sandblasting process. There are rubber curtains at the entrance and exit of the cabin that prevent the granules from leaving the cabin.

MODEL CMK-120/4 CMK-100/2


6D Blast



Mini Blast



7,5 kW

4 pcs.

7,5 kW

2 pcs.

7,5 kW

4 pcs.

7,5 kw

2 pcs.

 7,5 kW

1 pcs.


Stone Type

Daily Blasting (m²/ 8h.)
GRANITE 400-500 250-300 500-700 400-500 200-250
BASALT 400-500 300-350 500-700 400-500 200-250
BEIGE 1200-1500 450-550   800-100 400-500
MARBLE 1200-1500 450-550   850-1050 450-550
TRAVERTINE   600-750   950-1150 600-750
TUFF       1250-1350 800-900
  • The data in the table are not ex-factory results, they are obtained from the feedback provided by our customers as a result of machine use.
  • It may vary according to blasting speed, depth, and shape.





(W x H) mm


(Adet x Çap)

CMK 80/1 800 x 200 1 x Ø 320 Optional Optional
CMK 80/2 800 x 200 2 x Ø 320 Optional Optional
CMK 80/4 800 x 300 4 x Ø 320 Optional Optional
CMK 100/2 1000 x 200 2 x Ø 320 Optional Optional
CMK 100/3 1000 x 300 3 x Ø 320 Optional Optional
CMK 120/4 1200 x 400 4 x Ø 320 Optional Optional
CMK 150/4 1500 x 400 4 x Ø 320 Optional Optional



  • The machine may be manufactured in accordance with the desired stone width and thickness.


Marble Shot Blasting Machine

Marble Blasting 60/1

Marble Blasting Machine CMK-70/1

Marble Sandblasting Machine Working

Marble Sandblasting Machine Working

Marble Sandblasting Machine Working Test

Marble Sandblasting Machine Working Test 3