Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

It is one of the automatic shot blasting machines that do not require operator thanks to the turbines which vary according to the size of the parts with the Automatic Hanger system and can make sandblasting at 3000 rpm.

Sheet metal, casting, forging and many metal sectors are in demand in our hanging shot blasting machine can be manufactured in desired sizes.



Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine; It is used for polishing sheet and metal parts which have come out of press and heat treatment, cleaning and roughening of castings, preparation before paint and rubber coating, taking forging parts to canvases and revision of old parts.


The cabin is made of ST-37 sheet metal and the sections directly seen by the turbines are supported by Brinell or Manganese armor.

The interior of the cabinet is covered with a rubber sheet to prevent it from being exposed to abrasion due to the sandblasting process. Rubber sheets are fixed to the cabinet with moldings. (Coating with a complete manganese armor is optionally offered to our customers.)

The armor cladding is screw-in design for future wear-based replacements. It can be easily changed by authorized personnel in your company.

Although the cabin door can be pneumatic or manual, it is designed as a winged system and 2 pieces. (May vary)

The cabinet door has a lock system to prevent it from being opened during the sandblasting process.

In addition, there is a sensor or switch on the cabinet that stops sandblasting when the door is open.

The system consisting of rail line, suspension gear system and crane (optional) is designed to allow the material to be sanded to move easily inside the machine.

Full automation panel is available. Panel materials are Siemens / Schineider brand. Machine control is provided with a 10” PLC screen.




(Quantity x Diameter) 

ASK - 0 800 700 2 x Ø 320
ASK - 1 800 1000 2 x Ø 320
ASK - 2 1200 1000 2 x Ø 400
ASK - 3 1200 1500 3 x Ø 320
ASK - 3/A 1500 2000 3 x Ø 400
ASK - 4 1800 2400 3 x Ø 500
ASK - 5 2000 3000 4 x Ø 500
ASK - 6 2500 4000 6 x Ø 500

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hook Type Sandblasting Machine Working Test

Hook Type Sandblasting Machine ASK-2