Hook Type Continue Shot Blasting Machine

It is preferred by companies with high production capacity.

It is ideal for sandblasting welded and finished products because of its endless and vertical hanging.

  Hook Type Continue Shot Blasting Machine is a sandblasting machine which needs continuous sandblasting line and is preferred by companies that have high production.

 The materials transported in the hanger system enter into the cabin called hell, after being homogenously sanded by high-speed turbines in the cabin, it leaves the cabin ready for the next process.

 Can be produced in all sizes according to material




(W x H) mm


(Quantity x Diameter) 

KON-ASK - 1 1.000 x 1.000 6 x Ø 500
KON-ASK - 2 1.000 x 1.500 8 x Ø 500
KON-ASK - 3 1.000 x 2.000 10 x Ø 500
KON-ASK - 4 1.000 x 3.000 12 x Ø 500
KON-ASK - 5 1.500 x 4.000 14 x Ø 500


Hanger Continue Shot Blasting Machine