Drum Blasting Machine

It is used for small and medium-sized parts. The pieces are the most used type of rounding. Drum Type shot blasting machine is the most used type in the industry. The plastic belt, wrapped around the drum, rotates the virtual container in the form of a drum, and during this time the turbine is cleaned from the top to the top. 

Materials to be blasted in the drum shot blasting machine must be suitable for rolling.

This machine is one of the most widely used sandblasting machines in the industry.

The plastic belt wrapped on the three drums rotates the barrel-shaped virtual chamber while the turbine shot blasting the materials.





(Ø) mm


(L) mm




(Quantity x Diameter)

TK - 1  450 600  50-70 1 x Ø 320
TK - 2  500 700  100-150 1 x Ø 320
TK - 3  600 800  200-300 1 x Ø 320
TK - 4  800 900  400-500 1 x Ø 320
TK - 5  900  1100 500-600 2 x Ø 320