About us

Our company, which joined the business life in 1995, has been providing the most suitable solution and service in many projects together with its expert technical staff, manufacturing and assembly.

Our company owns its projects and tenders with a great sense of duty. Contract sandblasting operations in the industrial zone in Ankara Kazan are carried out in our facilities in İvedik Organized Industrial Zone.

It carries out its production in accordance with international norms and by using technological methods. For this purpose, it has established its own unique quality management system in order to establish an effective inspection system at every stage of production and supported this system with ISO9001-2000, CE, LOCAL AND PROPERTY Certificates. In addition, efforts to increase quality and efficiency continue with a systematic and planned team work.

Our company has adopted the principle of completing its projects on time by fulfilling the human safety and the necessary technical conditions of the business as a primary goal in all of its projects.

Our company has reached 22 countries by adding new ones every day to the number of countries it exports to and continues to support its contribution to our industry with its overseas sales.

With the investments it has made since 2010, it has aimed to provide the best service to its customers by costing quality with a new understanding of quality and responsibility. It has always gained the appreciation of its customers by acting faster than all its competitors in technical service.