What is Shot Blasting Machine?

What is the Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot Blasting Machines appealing to over sixty different sectors; These are the machines used for preparation, surface cleaning, and roughening before paint and coating.

We can mainly divide it into two with nozzles and turbines. Machines with nozzles are used to spray unwanted paint, rust, dirt, etc. by spraying the compressed air and abrasive granule mixture from the nozzle. cleans things. Turbine machines, on the other hand, with the power they get from the motor they are connected to, turn 3000 revolutions per minute and turn the granules called steel balls into a sheet, profile, pipe, etc. It provides surface cleaning by rubbing on materials.

Which type of shot blasting machine should I use?

You can contact sales representatives at contact page. You can get information about which machine will be more suitable for you by sharing the type of sandblasting material, dimensions, and daily number information.