What is a Shot Blasting Machine?

What is the Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot Blasting Machines appealing to over sixty different sectors; These are the machines used for preparation, surface cleaning, and roughening before paint and coating.

Sandblasting machines are an effective equipment used in surface preparation and cleaning processes. These machines are used to clean surfaces from rust, corrosion, paint, oil and other contaminants. Sandblasting machines are equipment that are widely used in the industrial sectors and are especially used for the preparation of metal, wood, glass, concrete and stone surfaces.

Sandblasters operate with compressed air or hydraulic power and direct specially designed sand or granular materials to the surface. These materials clean the surface by breaking down the contaminants on the surface. Sandblasting machines are also used to make surfaces particularly paintable. Sandblasting is done before painting or coating to provide better adhesion of surfaces.

Sandblasters are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Handheld blasting guns have an air compressor and a small grit chamber and are used for smaller jobs. Automatic sandblasting machines, on the other hand, are large industrial machines that provide high efficiency and precision.

Sandblasting machines are used in various industrial sectors. It is widely used in sectors such as ship industry, automotive industry, aviation industry, metalworking industry, construction and transportation. These machines are an effective method for making surfaces workable, renewing and repairing.

As a result, sandblasters are an indispensable tool in surface preparation and cleaning. These machines, which are frequently used in industrial sectors, are an effective method for removing corrosion, making paintable and renewing surfaces. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications, shot blasting machines provide high productivity and precision and play an important role in industrial production processes.

We can mainly divide it into two with nozzles and turbines. Machines with nozzles are used to spray unwanted paint, rust, dirt, etc. by spraying the compressed air and abrasive granule mixture from the nozzle. cleans things. Turbine machines, on the other hand, with the power they get from the motor they are connected to, turn 3000 revolutions per minute and turn the granules called steel balls into a sheet, profile, pipe, etc. It provides surface cleaning by rubbing on materials.

Which type of shot blasting machine should I use?

You can contact sales representatives at contact page. You can get information about which machine will be more suitable for you by sharing the type of sandblasting material, dimensions, and daily number information.