What is a Sandblasting Cabinet? What Does It Do?


There are many different types of equipment used in the industrial sector and they are designed to make production processes faster and more efficient. One of these equipment is known as a sandblasting cabinet. So, what is a sandblasting booth and what does it do? In this article, we will examine this issue.

What Does It Do?

Sandblasting cabin is an equipment used in surface cleaning and preparation processes. It is generally used to remove dirt, rust or other residues from the surfaces of metal parts. The sandblasting booth sprays sand or other abrasive materials at high speed onto the surface of the parts with the help of compressed air or water jet. In this way, all dirt, rust or residues on the surface are removed so that the part is ready to be painted or coated.

Usage areas

The sandblasting cabinet is frequently used, especially in the automotive and metalworking industries. For example, the chassis of a car needs to be cleaned with a sandblasting booth before it is painted. Likewise, a sandblasting booth can be used to prepare the surface of a metal part before it is painted. In addition, sandblasting cabin is used in shipbuilding, aviation, construction and many different industries.


The sandblasting cabinet cleans the dirt, rust and residues on the surfaces and ensures that the products become more quality and durable. In addition, the sandblasting cabinet speeds up production processes, enabling businesses to produce more products. This, in turn, helps businesses deliver faster and more effective service to their customers.


The blast booth works using high pressure air or water jets. Therefore, users are required to wear special equipment for their safety. In addition, during the use of the sandblasting cabinet, dust and residues formed around may cause respiratory problems. Therefore, users are required to use appropriate protective equipment.


Sandblasting cabin is a very important equipment in surface cleaning and preparation processes. The sandblasting cabinet, which is frequently used in the cleaning and preparation of metal parts, is used in many different sectors, especially in the automotive and metalworking sectors. Businesses that use blast cabinets to clean or prepare the surface can produce higher quality products and provide better service to their customers. However, it is necessary to pay attention to safety precautions and to use appropriate protective equipment during the use of the sandblasting cabinet.