Types Of Sandblasting Machines

Types Of Sandblasting Machines

Today, there are more than twenty different variations of abrasive treatment. Depending on the material used as an abrasive substance, this equipment is divided into several main types. Such as:

  • dry ice;
  • shot blasting;
  • water equipment;
  • thermal apparatus.

Dry Ice Processing

It is immediately worth noting that this method is the most modern and environmentally friendly. Small parts and materials can be processed without any difficulty in a stationary sandblasting chamber. As for large structures, they can be cleaned and polished using a mobile device.

Shot Blasting

The above equipment has a higher cost, because more expensive material is used in the process of its operation. It should be noted that this kind of device can in no case be applied to fragile products.

Most often, shot blasting is used in special chambers. Such a chamber is usually equipped with systems for cleaning and collecting spent fractions. This allows you to reuse the abrasive.

Water Equipment

A distinctive feature of water sandblasting is that a certain mixture of liquid and abrasive substance is used for cleaning. The main advantage of water equipment is that no dust will form during the work.

It should be noted that water sandblasting cannot be used to process a metal product, because the influence of a liquid will cause rust to form.

Thermal Sandblasting Equipment

Thermal equipment or just a fiery sandblast differs in that the abrasive substance is dispersed by reactive action on it. Yes, of course, the performance of such a device is maximum, but during processing, special attention should be paid to fire safety.

How to Choose The Equipment For Abrasive Processing?

Let's move on to the process of choosing such useful equipment in everyday life. The main characteristics that you should pay attention to at the time of purchase are:

  • operating pressure;
  • speed with which air is supplied;
  • volume of air supplied.

It should be noted that the above parameters should be selected based on the tasks that you set for such equipment. For example, if you are going to process concrete or brick walls, then you need a sandblasting machine, the productivity of which will be maximum, while the power of the jet may be lower. But if you will process metal, glass or other similar hard materials, then you will need equipment whose jet acceleration will be the highest.

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