Shot Blasting Machine Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot Blasting Machine Shot Blasting Equipment

The operation of any shot-blasting equipment, as well as sand-blasting, is based on the abrasive properties of the particles, which are used to bombard the treated surface. Shot blasting machines use a fine shot as an abrasive, the peeling properties of which are manifested when pressure strikes the surface, which allows you to strip off dirt, paint, rubber, plastic and other polymers.

Dives Performance

The technical device for shot blasting equipment includes three main elements: a compressor, an inkjet block, an abrasive component. The compressor is used to inject compressed air, the pressure of which is necessary for the bombardment of the treated surfaces with abrasives. The inkjet unit is a storage device from which particles dispersed by compressed air are emitted. The average speed reached by abrasive particles at the time of impact on the surface is more than 100 m / s. The shot blasting machine circuit is closed, the shot discharged from the outlet nozzle after collision with the coating is sucked under the influence of a powerful vacuum cleaner into the waste bunker-separator. In the bunker, the fraction is separated from the removed coating, after which the recovery system returns the fraction to the output chamber for use an unlimited number of times.

Difference About Machines

The closedness of the system makes it possible to reuse the fraction, until its abrasiveness (physical size) decreases to such a size that the particles are filtered in the waste bunker along with other garbage. To compensate for the gradual loss of fraction in the system, the required volume is periodically refilled. Modern shot blasting systems are made of abrasion-resistant and sound-absorbing materials that increase the technological resource of the plants.

The fundamental difference between shot blasting machines and long-known shot blasting chambers is the presence of a special chassis that makes this technique mobile and allows you to process horizontal surfaces (floors, roads, airfield runways). The main materials used as abrasive are steel, glass and ceramics. Steel shot is the most common, divided into cast, chipped and chopped. The main technological processes in which steel abrasive is used are cleaning metal coatings and rolled steel. Glass bead is used as an abrasive to obtain a clean surface with a pronounced texture, without changing the parameters of the processed surface or parts. Ceramic shot has established itself as an effective tool when working with aluminum, steel, alloys of titanium and precious metals.

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