Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers

In connection with the development of technologies and increasing competition in the building materials market, the need constantly arises for the improvement of equipment for construction and repair work. Not so long ago, instead of stationary shot blasting chambers, shot blasting machines came to the market that surpass the old generation not only in performance, but in all respects.

Quality Shot Blasting Machine

The development of technology in construction has made it possible to improve the quality of surface treatment. Shot blasting machines are designed to prepare concrete on small work sites before applying a protective or decorative layer. With their help, the surface is cleaned of dirt and dust, old coatings, road markings, rust, etc., which improves adhesion to the next layer. This is a relatively new processing method.

Performance of Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine makes the base rough, which increases the adhesion. This treatment helps to extend the life of coatings, and as a result - provides savings.

The speed of the tool depends on how hard the concrete base is and how intensive the necessary processing is. It is adjustable from 1 to 10. The speed of the shot blasting machine is selected by comparing the quality of work at each level. With this method, in a few minutes of samples, the most suitable is determined.

Productivity of the device can reach up to 2000 m2 / h. Fraction is consumed on average 70-100 g / m2. For work with concrete, a tool is used, the power of which is from 3000 watts. It is possible to use a shot blasting machine in the repair of a polymer base. After this treatment, a new coating is immediately laid without additional processing by grinding or milling machines. Their functions in this case are performed by a shot blasting machine.

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