Sandblasting Cabinets

There are two types of blasting cabinets:

Sandblasting cabinet and Pressurize Shot Blasting Cabinet. Which one should you prefer?

The most important factor between vacuum blasting and pressurize shot blasting machines is the type of material to be sandblasted. Vacuum blasting cabinets are preferred for brass, aluminum, mold, wood, and sensitive metals, while pressurized shot blasting cabinets are preferred for durable materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, iron, natural stone, and jeans.

Pressurized shot blasting cabinets are mainly for blasting wheels, turbo, disc, shaft, pallet, bolt;

Vacuum sandblasting cabinets are used for blasting implants, medical and sensitive metals.

Vacuum Sandblasting Cabinets are able to work with piston compressors as they make sandblasting by absorbing air. However, the 22 kW screw compressor is required for the full efficiency of pressurized shot blasting cabinets. Because 6-8 bar pressure required for sandblasting can only be achieved with screw compressors.

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