Long Life Nuzzles

Nozzles of various sizes and raw materials are used in shot blasting machines. So how long do these nozzles last? What should be done to ensure long life?

First of all, it should be noted that the life of the nozzles used in sandblasting machines is not related to length or diameter. The life of the nozzles is directly proportional to the production material and the type of sand used, and then to maintenance and meticulous use.

No matter which material is used, the nozzles used for sandblasting should be checked and cleaned at least once a week for obstruction.

In the table below, we tried to show the hourly life of the nozzles according to the type of nuzzle and type of sand used.

Nuzzle Type

Steel Granule


Aluminum Oxide


20 – 40h

10 – 30h

1 – 4h

Tungsten Carbide

500 – 800h

300 – 400h

20 – 40h

Silicon Carbide

500 – 800h

300 – 400h

50 – 100h

Boron Carbide

1500 – 2500h

750 – 1500h

200 – 1000h

Of course, the data in the table may vary.