How to Choose Equipment For Sandblasting?

How to Choose Equipment For Sandblasting?

In today's market, you can easily find the most diverse variations of these devices. For this reason, before you go to the store for the sandblasting machine you need, you should deal with the following questions:

What Is A Sandblasting Machine?

Sandblasting equipment is a special device, the task of which is cold abrasive processing of a wide variety of surfaces, such as stone, glass or a variety of metal structures. Processing is carried out by damaging the surface of the material with sand or other abrasive powder. In addition, there is also water abrasive treatment, where the cleaning is carried out using water or some other liquid supplied under high pressure.

The Principle of Operation Of Sandblasting Equipment

The principle of operation of the above apparatus may vary depending on its variation, but most of the equipment operates as follows. First, the compressor feeds and accumulates air under pressure. After the pressure reaches the required value, the air rushes into the gun. When the air stream is fed into the gun, then a vacuum is formed in it, trapping the microparticles of sand or other abrasive substance. It is worth noting that the abrasive can also be forced. The final step is that the air flow with microparticles of abrasive substance rushes from the gun to the surface to be treated.

Do not forget, some variations of sandblasting equipment may use a different operating principle, but the above procedure is the most common.

It should be noted that the sandblasting machine performs excellent surface cleaning before applying any paints or coatings to it.

The sandblasting machine is undoubtedly the equipment that will definitely come in handy in every household. Thanks to its practicality and functionality, a person can perform and solve a wide variety of tasks.