Automatic Sandblasting Machines

Automatic Sandblasting Machines

There are different sandblasting machines that can meet different needs in the sandblasting industry. These machines are used according to their specifications. Automatic sandblasting machines are among the types that are used quite frequently in sandblasting machines produced differently for each area. Sandblasting machines selected as a special type for this process, which is carried out for surface cleaning in every area, vary according to abrasive options and areas of use. For this reason, sandblasting machines are used in the building sector, finished product, steel construction, casting and other areas, depending on the type of areas. Automatic sandblasting machine is also one of the frequently used types in this field.

What is Automatic Sandblasting?

Automatic sandblasting machines are machines that are used for industrial surface preparation processes and that perform sandblasting automatically. These machines are widely used in large production facilities, shipbuilding, the automotive industry and the manufacture of metal products.

Automatic shot blasters generally provide high productivity, consistency and low operating costs. These machines can have a number of pre-programmed operations and therefore increase repeatability. In addition, reducing operator intervention also improves work safety.

Automatic sandblasters spray materials onto the surface using high pressure air or a cylindrical impeller. Various materials can be used, such as sand, steel powder, plastic granules or glass powder. The choice of material depends on the characteristics of the surface, the purpose of processing and customer demands.

Correct use and maintenance of automatic sandblasting machines ensures a longer life and efficient operation. Regular cleaning, maintenance and replacement of parts when necessary increases the performance of the machines. It is also important to train operators and take occupational safety precautions.

It is a sandblasting machine in which the sandblasting process of materials such as metal, steel, profile, sheet metal, which has not been done such as cutting, welding, or steel materials, natural stones, which have been cut to a certain extent, without the need for an operator. This machine mainly deals with uncut materials in the field of steel. Automatic shot blasting machine is preferred because of production intensity and fast blasting. At the same time, automatic sandblasting machines are used in the marble and natural stone industries. However, there is a certain measurement situation in this usage.

As a result, automatic sandblasting machines are a widely used option for surface preparation operations. These machines offer high productivity, repeatability and low operating costs. However, appropriate training and occupational safety measures must be taken to ensure correct use and maintenance.

How does it work?

Sandblasting machines generally work on a certain principle. Although it looks the same as the manual when looking at the working logic, automatic sandblasting machines follow a different system. These machine systems, which are specified as automatic sandblasting machines with turbines, are powered by engines called turbines, which can rotate at 3000 revolutions per minute and vary according to the need, by spraying the steel granules, which are included in the system, on sheet metal, profile semi-finished or finished metal and natural stones with the desired quality of cleaning and abrasion on the surface. provides. It is frequently used in many sectors because it is an economical process.

The Importance of Sandblasting

Corrosion is a chemical factor that occurs on the metal and reduces the durability of the metal. In the corrosion process that occurs on the metal by mixing with air, the metal starts to break and become unstable after a while. For this reason, deterioration and wear occur in the structure and other areas. Sandblasting is of great importance at this stage. Sandblasting is a process that prevents and eliminates corrosion, as Çetingil / Turk Blast does in a professional way. In this way, the life of the paint and rubber coating on the metal is further extended.