Automatic Industrial Shot Blasting Machines

Automatic Industrial Shot Blasting Machines

Shot blasting machines are used to maintain pavement without interrupting traffic. With their help, the old markup is removed, preparatory work is carried out for applying it again, which makes the coating more wear-resistant. Devices are classified by the amount of permissible daily work on:

  • manual (less than 50 m2);
  • medium-sized works (250 m2), have an electric drive and adjustable speed;
  • large scale (750 m2);
  • thousands of areas.

The short blasting machine consists of shot blasting and a vacuum cleaner, which means that this treatment is of a closed type. This makes work easier and saves time. The package may include fraction collectors and pipe rollers for dust collection. Shot Bead Composition:

  • compressor;
  • shot blasting block;
  • abrasive component.

The compressor pumps compressed air, which accelerates the shot. Shot blasting machines differ from shot blasting chambers in that they have a chassis. This allows you to move the device on the surface and work on large areas. Types of shot blasting material:

  • steel (cast, chipped, chopped), used to clean metal;
  • ceramic - works well with titanium, aluminum, precious metals;
  • glass - used to clean the texture surface.

Manufacturer's Example;

A machine that processes concrete floors. This is the final processing step before laying the floor. After this treatment, the substrate is clean, has a roughness, which improves adhesion between concrete and flooring.

Before using the device, the concrete is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The angle of the tool is changeable and site-specific. The movement of the jet occurs in the range of 15-850. The speed of 100 m2 / h. To improve the operation of the device, a sleeve and trunks are used, which increase the area of ​​work.

The use of shot blasting machines is a relatively new type of work in construction. With their help, they clean the surface of the elements of the old coating and various debris. Such devices differ in price, equipment, power and other parameters.