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Sand types used in Mobile Sandblasting Machine; steel balls, steel crete, silica sand, aluminum oxide, glass sand, plastic media, walnut shell. Our machines can be operated manually and automatically.


Shot Blasting Machine


Technical Specifications of Portable Sand Blasting Machine


Portable Shot Blasting Machine shall be portable with at least 3 wheels.
Automatic Shot Blasting Machine will be available on the basis of work safety system.
Portable Shot Blasting Machine Shot blasting valve with adjustable numerator and chrome-plated easy to read leg can be adjusted comfortably and can be adjusted from 1 to 8 levels.
The surface of the Shot Blasting Machine shall be made of S A 2.5 quality sand blasting and stained with static oven paint against rust and corrosion. And this shall be documented.
There will be a pressure gauge showing the pressure on the shot blasting machine.
There will be 1 filtre automatic discharge filter regulator on Shot Blasting Machine.
With Sandblasting Machine there will be 2 Buckskin Sandblasting Dress and 2 Sandblasting Gloves.
Shot Blasting Machine will be the sandblasting mask together with the filter glass so that the air inlet of the mask will filter the carbon monoxide gas.
The air coming to the mask together with the sandblasting machine will be the adjustable clima control device which will air the air so that it does not paralyze.
The sandblasting machine shall be subjected to water testing at least 18 bar as a requirement of occupational safety and this shall be documented.
Machine Diameter: 1100 mm Height of the machine: 1450 mm will be. Roller Diameter: 700 mm
The middle cylinder of the machine shall be at least 6 mm sheet, the upper grenade shall be at least 8 mm sheet and the bottom hopper shall be at least 6 mm sheet.
There will be a CE certificated relief valve made of yellow brass which automatically drains the excess air from the machine against the risk of explosion.
On the machine, the maintenance and repair breakdown intervention hole shall be at least 180 mm x140 mm.
Sand blasting machine sand filling hole throat gasket welded into the machine welded to the plate and tightly passed and never miss air.
There will be 2 1 üzere TS CEN TS 13547 TSE Lİ ball valves on 1 air inlet site and 1 air inlet to the machine.
Machine with Nozzle: Ø 8mm or 10 mm 2 Ad. The venturi will be covered with a pearl on the steel.
Sand Hose TS5925 EN ISO 3861 12 bar (174 psi): 10 mt x 2 1 ortum Air Hose TS5925 EN ISO 3861 12 bar (174 psi): 5 mt 1 59.
Mask hose: Ø 10 mm polyurethane 12 mt x 2 pieces, Automatic hose 10 mtx 2 1 Ø will be.
There will be 1 TS CEN TS 13547 certified manual air relief valve on the machine.
There will be 2 automatic diaphragm seals for the machine.
There will be 1 sand filling step due to the height of the machine.
The machine will have a pull handle for comfortable transport.
There will be a sand sieve for sieving the sand collected from the sandblasting machine while filling the machine.
The Shot Blasting Machine will be unused.
The sandblasting machine will be able to work with all kinds of sand including grit.
The machine will not be made on China

 ÇSK- 50 50 kg   150 kg  75 kg 2 Teker   3.000 lt / dak 6-8 4 mm 
 ÇSK - 100 100 kg   300 kg   115 Kg 2 Teker  3.800 lt/dak.  6-8 8 mm
 ÇSK - 300 100 kg   900 kg   175 Kg 3 Teker  3,800 lt/dak.  6-8 8 mm
 ÇSK - 500 400 kg  1500 Kg    200 kg Şaseli  5.000 lt/dak.  6-8 10 mm