About us

Cetingil Shot-Blasting has been established by owner, Mr. Mustafa Cetingil as a family run manufacturer since 1995.

The name Cetingil stands for technological leaders in Turkey and Middle East of mechanical surface treatment. We offer our customers innovative products and services, a complete range of process engineering know-how, and the skills to link systems into optimum combinations. Right from the start, our strength has been user-related solutions, solutions which ensure that our customers receive the ultimate in quality and service - and  this means giving them that decisive edge over their competition. We offer a complete range of machines to cover the key sectors in surface treatment technology, grinding, finishing and shot-blasting, all from a single source. You tell us what you need; we will find the most economical and technically effective solution for you.

The shot blasting media is fed centrally to a rapidly rotating turbine. The accelerated particles hit the workpieces that are undergoing treatment. The shape of the blades, the contact point, and the rotating speed of the wheel, all interact with the blasting media to achieve the desired surface finish. Our equipment range also includes pressure blasting.

Cetingil shot-blasting machines are manufactured to the high standards that have been associated with Cetingil equipment for more than 30 years, the focus for each Cetingil shot-blasting machine is: the highest quality, to ensure the most cost-effective processes available on the market.
As with vibratory finishing, we develop tailor-made shot-blasting solutions which can be easily integrated into automatic production lines. Our systems are convincing due to their innovative technology and high degree of economic viability. Of particular  interest is our turbine technology which yields considerable increases in capacity. We also offer special solutions for all kinds of shot-blasting applications in the aerospace industry.





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